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Hawk's Intergalactic News Stand

All the Useless Facts You Could Want and Then Some....

29 April
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Greetings and Salutations! I am Hawk, keeper of all things sacred and useless.
I enjoy useless knowledge, lengthy volumes that bore mere mortals to tears, and canoeing down non misquito infested rivers during the warm seasons in order to stare at rocks. For those of you who don't know I co-own several 4 legged furry creatures and 1 fish. In my spare time I can be witnessed to be persuing several crafty persuits many of which strike horror on those who stick around enough to see their completion. Cross-stitch, Clay, Beads, sewing and legos often enter such odd concoctions as well as rocks, random trash picked objects and lots of glue.

Currently, however, I am off on a wild goose chase in the persuit of more knowledge. Current studies include rocks, groundwater, lakes and soil other wise known as dirt.

In the occasion you are not scared out of your whits and think you may like to know more read the journal but I will warn you that if you knew what was best you'd leave off and never speak of this again...